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Working safely and responsibly...

We have a well considered, common sense approach to health and safety, and we take environmental consideratons seriously. We can offer a water based system to suit most applications.

For clients looking for an even greener solution, we are familiar with the use of traditional finishes such as limewash and modern organic materials such as clay paint and silicates.

Our working practices take into account everyday hazards, including correct use of ladders and access equipment, special precautions to deal with the presence of lead based materials, correct handling of hazardous substances, and responsible waste disposal.

All this gives clients the confidence to know that when we are working on their property a safe and healthy working environment is maintained, to the benefit of workers and customers alike.

Regulations which apply to our work:

Construction Health, Safety and Welfare (CHSW)

Control of Lead at Work (CLAW)

Control of Asbestos (CAR)

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Work at Height (WAHR)

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